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My name is Laura, 13, and my Mum bought this skin care for me because i was feeling extremly self-concious about my spots. I had oily skin and always thought that when people were looking at me they were scanning my face for spots. I had tried every single spot treatment and none of them seemed to work, until we found Natural Elements. I now swear buy this treatment and I will never use anything else again! I worship the window-sill it sits on!!!!!! Its so good and I instantly saw a massive improvement in my skin within 2-3 days. I felt so much better about myself and soon i was practicly clear of spots. I keep using the creams and my skin has stayed the same. I’m extremly happy and grateful to my Mum for finding this treatment. I dread to think what my skin would be like now if i hadn’t of used these brilliant products!!! It is such an amazing spot pack and i will always be using it in the future. Be prepared for annother 10 years of me ordering these products!! Thank you so much!! All i can say now its that I CANT LIVE WITHOUT THEM!!!!!!!!

Firstly, thanks so much. I have been a sufferer of spots and mild acne for over 15 years, tried everything, from prescrition drugs to the apple diet! although these ”treatments” have some immediate effect, within a week of the improvement i am back to square one, usually with a more viscous outbreak! however, and i say this tongue in cheek, i have been using your face wash, followed by moisturiser and serum in prone arears and i can honestly say i have no spots!! Apart from being comlpetly shocked that when i look in the mirror i having nothing to squeeze, i am astounded that something so simple seems to have sorted me out. I was always under the impression that moisturiser would make my skin more greasy, buts yours doesn’t. also that face wash needed to be strong to kill all the naughty bacteria, subsequently drying out your face, yours doesn’t! so far after 6 weeks i cant believe it. I will continue to use this product indefinatly, as my skin looks, feels and basically is fantastic. I am a 31 year old man, cant believe that i talking like a moisturising advertisement on the telly, but until you have suffered from spots and acne and dread looking in the mirror and going out to parties etc no one will fully understand what it is like to all of a sudden have clean skin!! My only critism on this, and i hope that you print this, is that i found you product particularly difficult to find. I have been regularly searching for ”wonder cures” and face washes etc over the last 2 years, and have never seen it before and only found it because it was recommended to me. There are thousands of people using the over the counter crap that just damages their skin and they are unaware of your product! do some more advertising!! Anyway! Thanks

I would like to start by saying thank you. I have tried loads of products before and none have worked so when i ordered this i wasn’t sure if it would work. I use to have spots all the time especially on the t-zone area, they use to be big and red but after using the oily skin face wash it started to clear my skin up within days. I still get them sometimes but when i do they go away much quicker. so once again thank you so much.

Miracles can happen! I have suffered from oily/acne prone skin for over 12 years and have spent probably too much money to even consider, on ‘miricle cures’. When I tried your products, of course, I was sceptical. But to my delight, your well priced, wonderful smelling products did exactly what you said! My skin feels amazing and I am now complimented on how healthy it looks, something I had given up on ever happening! My skin was so oily, that an hour after washing my face and applying make-up in the morning, my face would be shiny with grease! Now, I can go a whole day without having to de-shine! It has truly made a huge difference to my life and confidence! I can’t thank you enough.

I bought this for my daughter who was suffering with terrible skin problems relating to PCOS. She had got different treatments from her doctor but they all left her skin painfully dry and did not appear to work. A search on Google found you so I thought it was worth a try and not only did my parcel arrive much quicker than anticipated we have found that the product actually works!! Her skin is much improved and she is very impressed at how gentle it is. I would happily recommend this to anyone