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Are dental implants worth the price?

Is it worth getting dental implants?

As dental implants are on the rise, more people wonder if the cost is worth it based on how well – or poorly – dental implants perform compared to their competitors.

Patients use dental implants to support one – or multiple – false teeth. They contain a titanium screw used to replace the root of a tooth when it is loose or falls.

The main people who use dental implants are people who are struggling with tooth loss. The main reasons people experience tooth loss is due to:

  • Tooth decay
  • Periodontal disease
  • Injuries

Implant Alternatives

Dentists provide different types of dental implants and recommend to their patients the best one that will fix the problem they are experiencing with their teeth.

1) Single dental implants are provided when the patient only misses one tooth.

2) Multiple dental implants are given to patients who miss teeth in different areas of their mouth.

3) Zygomatic implants are available to patients when placing implants on the jawbone is not possible. The implants help attach the bone to the patient’s cheekbone.

4) All-on-Four is for patients that have experienced tooth loss in their lower and upper jaws. Unlike the others, this implant method shows results on the same day. More here.

Benefits of dental implants 

Patients who have purchased dental implants said they had noticed many advantages to getting them. The patients said they saw:

  • It is easier for them to eat
  • Their oral health and self-esteem were better
  • Their appearance, speech, and comfort improved
  • The implants were very durable and lasted for many years
  • Their dental implants were convenient for them to remove and store

Customers believe purchasing dental implants was worth the cost as they noticed multiple advantages to their lives since buying them.

Dental implants help individuals improve their oral health, physical health, and self-esteem.

Implant Costs

Dental implants can cost an average of £3000 in private dentists across the UK – however, some clinics charge less than the average cost.

Dental patients opt to get implants through a private doctor because the NHS only provides implants to individuals who cannot afford them.

When deciding to get dental implants, it is essential to look into the different types of implants available and the costs associated with dental implants – one in particular that provides implants at great prices is Dorset Dental Implants. See more.

implant price list
Implant Prices at Dorset Dental

Am I eligible for dental implants?

Almost everyone who suffers from lost teeth is a candidate for dental implants. 

There are a few exceptions that can deter or postpone you from receiving treatment.

Sinus lifts are necessary if there is not enough bone volume, without them, an implant could lead to complications. See more info here.