London’s Answer to Permanent Makeup

Stay Confident With Our Treatments

Being able to wake up and feeling confident from the offset is something we all strive for.

This is possible through permanent makeup. Permanent makeup artists work with your natural features, such as your eyebrows to enhance them, therefore making you look younger.

Make a big statement from subtle changes.

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Tattooed Brows:

Eyebrows are a massive feature on anybody’s face. Having perfectly shaped brows, for your face type, can make you look more youthful and attractive.

Investing in permanent eyebrow tattoo’s are perfect for those who are older, thyroid problems or over plucking which leaves hair patchy or even non-existent.

It brings your face back to life, whilst saving you time every day.

Lip Liner:

Going through with tattooed lip liner can enhance your lips to make them look fuller and younger.

It means all the effort gone into re-applying lipstick is now gone as coloured tint is applied to the outline of your lips – this also corrects any imperfections.

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Permanent Eyeliner:

Never worry about smudged eyeliner again with semi permanent eyeliner. This treatment can enhance your eye colour and make them look bigger.

Also, you can forget about constantly re-applying gel eyeliner to perfect it, as tattoo eyeliner does this all at once.

You have a choice of style and shape – natural, light, thick, or bold. Choose a style that is suited to your eyes. For help with learning about your eye shape, contact us.

For Men:

As we all know, sometimes men hide the fact that they care about their looks. But, we provide a service that is designed specifically for this.

Discretion is guaranteed throughout; it is virtually an undetectable way to restore your features.

Men’s treatment includes defining the eyebrows, correcting and removing lip imperfections, as well as providing a tint.

We can even give you a guylash treatment – this makes your eyes stand out as it gives the effect of a fuller lash line.

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