Cosmetic treatments

Cosmetic Treatments

The Cosmetic industry is forever growing and in the UK it is truly booming, with a total of 19.4 million people who had cosmetic treatments in 2023!

Botox Treatment

Botox or Vistabel/Dysport consists of a muscle relaxant solution which is injected into the muscles under the skin.

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Injection Treatments

Injection treatment is a medical cosmetic treatment that involves injecting own fat cells or medical-grade substances into the skin with the aim of improving one’s appearance.

The substances or injection products that are used for injection treatments can be divided into three main categories body fat, neurotoxins and dermal fillers. The various injection products have different characteristics and are used for different purposes.

The aim of this page is to factually describe what is necessary to know about injection treatments for anyone who is interested in undergoing such procedures.
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They are currently based in Santa Monica, California which is an area famous for cosmetic surgery it had the largest statistics in the US in 2015 for the amount of people who had cosmetic work done at 150,000 people an insane figure.