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10 things you NEED to know about plastic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery (plastic surgery)

Cosmetic surgery (plastic surgery) is a speciality within medicine aimed at altering ones appearance. It is not unexpected that in a time when our appearance is becoming more important to our internal well-being that the interest in cosmetic plastic surgery is greater than ever.

All about Cosmetic SurgeryThis page is for those considering undergoing cosmetic surgery. It will provide you with objective information and explanations about plastic surgery in general and the possibilities and limitations that the various surgeries involve.

All medical information you find on the page is examined by leading plastic surgeons from our expert panel. The contents is meant to ease your decision making process but cannot and should not replace a medical consultation.

Here you will find everything you need to know about cosmetic surgery:

  • In-depth information as well as before & after photos of the various plastic surgeries
  • Facts, information and guidance to cosmetic surgery overseas
  • A guide to choosing the right surgeon and clinic for your plastic surgery
  • Discussion forum and the opportunity to ask an expert about cosmetic surgery
  • Directory of the clinics that perform plastic surgery

” Well-informed patients are happy patients”

What is the difference between cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery?

Plastic surgery is generally divided into two main areas, reconstructive plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.

Within reconstructive plastic surgery one works primarily with the aim of reconstructing an appearance which has been damaged by disease or injury. The sector is mainly carried out within the public health care system.

Cosmetic surgery (aesthetic surgery/beauty surgery) on the other hand aims at changing, improving or restoring a person’s appearance in accordance with the person’s desires. Cosmetic plastic surgery is almost exclusive to private clinics and is financed by the patient.

The information on this page is primarily aimed at aesthetical plastic surgery but does also consist of some areas within reconstructive plastic surgery.

The interest in cosmetic surgery (plastic surgery) is increasing

The interest in csmetic surgery has during the past 10 years heavily increased and more and more British are choosing to go under the knife in order to improve their appearance. The most popular procedures in order of popularity are, breast augmentation, blepharoplasty (eye lids), breast reduction, face lift and rhinoplasty.

90% of patients that undergo plastic surgery are women but interest is increasing rapidly among men. For men the most popular surgeries are rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty (eyelids) and breast reduction.

About the content of this section regarding cosmetic surgery

The content of this page is divided into a series of articles. Each series provides you with a good understanding of that area of plastic surgery.

By taking your time to read through these articles which are relevant to the procedure you are considering you will receive good understanding of plastic surgery in general, the appropriate surgery and what you can expect.

You find the contents of the page in the category menu to the right. Remember – by being well informed you create the prerequisites for a successful outcome of your plastic surgery. Enjoy the read!