I had missing teeth for years

Saved By Dental Implants: I Lost All My Teeth! Real person’s story: For me, everything was fine with my smile until I hit 30. When I had a difficult pregnancy, where the baby was taking all my nourishment, it deprived my mouth of all the healthy nutrients it needed. I was diagnosed with pyorrhea, which was a hugely aggressive form of gum disease, which led to all my teeth falling out. As a new mother […]

Should I go to a free cosmetic dental consultation?

What to Expect at the Initial Consultation If you are interested in having implants done, you will need to attend an initial consultation with an implant dentist to discuss what you hope to achieve and get an idea of what treatment may involve. Before the dentist can devise an appropriate treatment plan, he will need to examine your teeth to assess your current dental status in order to establish whether you are a suitable candidate […]