All you need to know about becoming a successful beauty therapist

Becoming a beauty therapist To become a fully qualified beauty therapist, you need to complete a level 2 or level 3 qualification in beauty therapy.  Often new therapists start as an assistant in a salon or spa and study for qualifications on the job, or do a full-time or part-time college course while looking for work. Beauty therapists carry out face and body treatments to help clients not only look better but feel better as […]

I Cant Do It! Not Without my Make Up!

We feel naked without it. Dressed down and less confident. We need it to even  our skin tone, cover those pesky blemishes and conceal those dark circles. Most of us just cant live without our make up. A survey carried out by Vitality Live found the true extent of our make up dependency in the UK. 70% of women would not be happy to go to work without a full face of make up, 91% […]


My name is Laura, 13, and my Mum bought this skin care for me because i was feeling extremly self-concious about my spots. I had oily skin and always thought that when people were looking at me they were scanning my face for spots. I had tried every single spot treatment and none of them seemed to work, until we found Natural Elements. I now swear buy this treatment and I will never use anything […]

Is Acne Playing With Your Mind?

Acne is not going to make you feel good in fact it will have the opposite effect on how you feel about yourself. You may feel that everything that could go wrong has gone wrong, but the more you feel this way the more upset you will become and this is not going to help you overcome your acne. Whilst it is easier said than done you should not let acne get you down. It […]

How To Wear Sugar Candy Shades Without Looking Sickly Sweet

From delicate marshmallow pinks, to the softest mint greens and palest lemons, pastel shades are huge this S/S. In our minds, we imagine ourselves working them a la Madmen. A chiffon pleated skirt here and lacy scalloped top there. To create a stylish look which would make Christina Hendricks  Joan  (mint) green with envy. The reality is a -not quite as sophisticated- candy floss on legs. So, in order to keep you from looking like a kids […]

Your face – mirror to the soul

Your face is one of the most important parts of the body, so it is important to perform proper research before making any purchases of any goods. This will keep you looking healthy for years to come, and it will also help prevent unwanted scars or blemishes. If you want to feel relaxed and look great then think again about the things you are taking in. Fast food only slows you down and makes you […]

10 things you NEED to know about plastic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery (plastic surgery) Cosmetic surgery (plastic surgery) is a speciality within medicine aimed at altering ones appearance. It is not unexpected that in a time when our appearance is becoming more important to our internal well-being that the interest in cosmetic plastic surgery is greater than ever. This page is for those considering undergoing cosmetic surgery. It will provide you with objective information and explanations about plastic surgery in general and the possibilities and limitations that the […]